In the session header at the top right of every page what is the Settings?

The settings page has several configuration values that you’re able to change.  You can edit the Inactive Users Alert Frequency (hours).  This value determines when a manager should be notified of user/technician inactivity.  By default this value is set to 24 hours, so if your users don’t complete any transactions for more than 24 hours you will be alerted. 

You can also set a Purchase Order Prefix.  This allows you to customize the system generated purchase orders as some find it helpful to have all parts orders start with a P-12345 as they easily differentiated from other purchase orders.  This is optional; if left blank you’re PO’s will be generated sequentially.

If you want ever more flexibility when generating PO’s you can check the Enable Custom PO option.  This will allow you to enter a PO number at the point of creation.  If you enable this feature but do not wish use it for all PO’s it will default the numerically sequential sequence should you not enter one at the point of creation.

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