3Plenish Manager: Inventory Overview

The purpose of the Inventory page in 3Plenish Manager is to provide complete visibility to all inventory levels and settings by manufacturer, by supplier, by location for each item.



1. This area provides the user to be able to filter the result set to easily see inventory levels and settings by #, by manufacturer, by supplier and by location. Select any combination and click the search button to display the results below.

2. This is the result set based on the filter settings above in 1. The default result set is all manufacturers, all suppliers and all locations…in other words, all of your inventory.

3. This button can be clicked if you want the result set in its entirety converted to a CSV format and downloaded into a spreadsheet. The output CSV includes column headers.

4. This link “Edit” should be selected if you wish to modify the fields illustrated in the picture below:



Auto replenish: the default setting is Yes. Yes means that 3Plenish will calculate replenishment demand if the Quantity On Hand reaches the same value as the Re-order point. This is done by item, by location.

Auto approval: the default setting is No. Yes means that when the demand will be automatically approved and flow directly to Pending Orders by supplier, by location.

Re-order point: The level of inventory which triggers an action to replenish that particular inventory stock. 

Optimal quantity: The level of inventory that is optimal or ideal. Also the level that stock is reordered up to when replenished.

5. This area displays the window below which triggers the ability to create manual demand ad hoc.




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