3Plenish Manager: Manage Overview

The purpose of the Manage page in 3Plenish Manager is to provide a view of inventory demand that has been calculated by 3Plenish based on specific inventory settings and subsequent consumption.


1. This area provides the user to be able to filter the inventory demand result set to easily see by manufacturer, by supplier and by location. Select any combination and click the search button to display the results below.
2. This is the result set based on the filter settings above in 1. The default result set is all demand for all manufacturers, all suppliers and all locations.
3. The Demand column highlights the quantity that 3Plenish has calculated to bring this item up to Optimal Quantity for that location. The user can adjust this calculated demand here and have that flow through to ordering without impacting the Optimal Quantity and Reorder Point settings.
4. The action buttons Approve (green) and Ignore (red) can be selected by item or all at once. Approved items flow to the Pending Orders page. Ignored items fall out of the demand queue and are ignored.


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